Is Mootools dead? #2488

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milesj commented Apr 2, 2013

Just curious, because the activity seems to have died off. Both core and more are piling up with pull requests and issues, some of them being over a year old, yet there is no activity or status updates. The repos themselves rarely have any commits, nor does the official blog/mailing list seem to offer any updates.

The group has 18 team members, so what is everyone working on? Do you guys need help? Are you focused on Moobile? Anything the community can do?

I much prefer Mootools over Jquery and other frameworks, it would be a shame for it to die off. I like it so much that I built a framework/bootstrap/toolkit/whatever you want to call it; you can check out Titon here:

So yeah just curious.


arian commented Apr 2, 2013


Want to contribute, read

Currently we're working on prime, elements + co, see the mootools organization here on GitHub.

We still want to release new releases for mootools-core / more though, but could use some extra time.

A lot of developers are busy with work, life and other things and can't really work on mootools every day / week.


arian commented Apr 2, 2013

For mootools-core and more a great way to contribute is test pull requests, comment on things, provide fixes for issues, or comment that issues are not reproducible or incorrect.


arian commented Apr 2, 2013

Also note that moobile isn't developed by MooTools Core developers.

milesj commented Apr 3, 2013

Good to hear. I'll start dedicating some of my time and try and verify some of these issues/requests.


Delapouite commented Apr 3, 2013

Thanks for the precisions arian.

I reckon the Mootools community would benefit of a small presentation (in an official blog post for example) of where the overall project is heading this year, how Prime, elements and the current framework will evolve together, the Pros and Cons of the new approach in the OO design etc...

@Delapouite +1;
@arian & @mootools What do you say? How's things going?


ibolmo commented Mar 3, 2014

May this shine some light in the situation.

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