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SVGAnimatedString causes Slick error #2262

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mcfedr commented Jan 27, 2012

When i have an animated svg embeded in the page, the '*=' attribute matching crashes because the value className on SVGSVGElement is not a string but SVGAnimatedString

I am not sure this is the best fix, but it works, this might have implications else where.

I considered just skipping all svg's but is seems more helpful to be able to find them and be able to script them.

i found this error matching [class*="tipOptions:"] on the document.

@arian arian and 2 others commented on an outdated diff Jan 27, 2012

@@ -860,7 +860,7 @@ for (var p in pseudos) local['pseudo:' + p] = pseudos[p];
var attributeGetters = local.attributeGetters = {
'class': function(){
- return this.getAttribute('class') || this.className;
+ return this.getAttribute('class') || typeOf(this.className) == 'string' ? this.className : null;

arian Jan 27, 2012



var className = this.getAttribute('class') || this.className;
return className ? ('' + className) : null;

or maybe

return this.getAttribute('class') || ('' + this.className);

but that depends on if className is null or an empty string when it's not set...


ibolmo Jan 29, 2012


instead of '' + try String(this.className) or String.prototype.toString.call(this.className)

Also we could do:

var className = this.className;
if (className && className.baseVal) className = className.baseVal;
return className || this.getAttribute('class');

mcfedr Jan 30, 2012

I think its good to get the baseval, i have had to change it slightly because of "" being false

var className = this.className;
if (className && className.baseVal !== undefined) className = className.baseVal;
return className || this.getAttribute('class');

mcfedr commented Jan 27, 2012

I have created a fiddle that shows the bug, http://jsfiddle.net/mcfedr/RVuFW/

As you can see the suggestion by arian will still cause a problem.

I have found it takes quite a specific selector to get the bug, maybe I am not always triggering Slick. Also it seems only to be for className, not any other attributes.


ibolmo commented Jan 30, 2012

That's fine can you check that this works:

return (this.className && this.className.baseVal) || this.getAttribute('class');

This takes advantage of && properties.


console.log((true && 1) || 'default');
console.log((false && 1) || 'default');
console.log((false && 0) || 'default');
console.log((true && 0) || 'default');

mcfedr commented Jan 31, 2012

that will return the wrong value for a normal element with a normal string className

var ts = [{className: "hi"},
{className: ""},
{className: {baseVal: "hi"}},
{className: {baseVal: ""}}];
for(t in ts) {
    console.log((ts[t].className && ts[t].className.baseVal) || 'default'); 



we need the first case to be hi as well


arian commented Feb 5, 2012

This is actually something that should be fixed in the https://github.com/mootools/slick repository. @subtleGradient / @fabiomcosta / @ibolmo any good places to put the tests?


sebmarkbage commented Feb 5, 2012

There may be a much simpler solution to it. Simply remove the attributeGetter all together.

I opened a pull request on the slick repository to continue the discussion about whether that's safe or not.



arian commented Feb 5, 2012

@calyptus fix was merged, so it's fixed in Slick now. Just need to update Slick for mootools 1.4.4 and we're done :)

@arian arian closed this Feb 5, 2012


ibolmo commented Feb 6, 2012

Committed: a9c73ce

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