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Type parameter in callback function for custom conditional events #2349

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This will work then:

Element.Events.textchange = {
condition: function(){return true}

​$('text').addEvent('textchange', function(e,t){
// e.type = keyup
// t = textchange

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arian commented Aug 8, 2012

@cpojer opinion did you ever need this? I think I would add it to the DOMEvent object instead of an argument... however sometimes that one isn't passed.. but in that case you can't pass the type either as second argument...

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arian commented Oct 1, 2012

Why not:

var t = 'textchange';
​$('text').addEvent(t, function(e){
// e.type = keyup
// t = textchange
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Just like @arian highlighted this one seems a rather simple problem to circumvent using a closure.

also by using your fix, you're not acting coherent with the other event calling, this means that you'll need to change all these other event calling:

so in current form it couldn't be accepted.

also I think it shouldn't be an extra parameter too, but if it should be passed, it needs to be by decorating the event parameter, like real event does.

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cpojer commented Oct 1, 2012

We are doing this for onAdd, onRemove and the condition. See 5d1eff8 If you need more fancy sugar use

@cpojer cpojer closed this Oct 1, 2012
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