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MooTools Demos

This is the new MooTools Demo runner and the new MooTools Demos. The demos can be opened in jsFiddle for editing.

Creating new Demos

We're always looking for new demos that can be great additions to the docs or give the wow-effect for new users. With the demos we want to show what MooTools is capable of. The demos is a great way to contribute to MooTools in a easy way, by adding new demos and improving existing ones.

You can submit new demos by forking this repository and send us a pull request.

The demos directory contains all the demos. You can start creating a new demo by copying the directory of an existing demo. The name of the directory is the same as used in the URL after ?demo=.

Each demo contains at least four files:

  • demo.css - Contains the CSS for the demo, shows up in the CSS tab
  • demo.details - This is a YAML file which contains extra info, like a desription and links to the docs
  • demo.html - Contains the HTML of the demo, shows up in the HTML tab
  • demo.js - Contains the JavaScript of the demo, shows up in the JS tab


demo.js is probably the most important file of the demo because it contains the MooTools code.

It is important to wrap the code in a domready event. This is important so it works in this demo runner as well as on jsfiddle.

window.addEvent('domready', function(){
	// code here

Code guidelines

We try to use the MooTools code guidelines. Those can be found in the MooTools Core Wiki

Used Color Scheme

In order to give the demos a consistent look, we use this Color Scheme