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This is the new MooTools Demo runner and the new MooTools Demos.
The demos can be opened in [jsFiddle]( for editing.
-You can submit new demos by forking this repository and send us a pull request.
+## Creating new Demos
-#### Used Color Scheme
+We're always looking for new demos that can be great additions to the docs or give the wow-effect for new users.
+With the demos we want to show what MooTools is capable of. The demos is a great way to contribute to MooTools
+in a easy way, by adding new demos and improving existing ones.
-[MooTools Demos Color Scheme](
+You can submit new demos by forking this repository and send us a [pull request](
+The *demos* directory contains all the demos. You can start creating a new demo by copying the directory of an existing
+demo. The name of the directory is the same as used in the URL after `?demo=`.
+Each demo contains at least four files:
+- **demo.css** - Contains the CSS for the demo, shows up in the CSS tab
+- **demo.details** - This is a YAML file which contains extra info, like a desription and links to the docs
+- **demo.html** - Contains the HTML of the demo, shows up in the HTML tab
+- **demo.js** - Contains the JavaScript of the demo, shows up in the JS tab
+### demo.js
+demo.js is probably the most important file of the demo because it contains the MooTools code.
+It is important to wrap the code in a *domready* event. This is important so it works in this demo runner as well as on jsfiddle.
+ window.addEvent('domready', function(){
+ // code here
+ });
+#### Code guidelines
+We try to use the MooTools code guidelines. Those can be found in the [MooTools Core Wiki](
+### Used Color Scheme
+In order to give the demos a consistent look, we use this [Color Scheme](

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