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Class: Class.Refactor {#Class}

Extends Class.


Class Static Method: refactor {#Class:Class-refactor}

Implements properties into a class preserving the previous state of methods so you can reference them..


OriginalClass = Class.refactor(OriginalClass, newProperties)


  1. OriginalClass - (class) the original class to augment
  2. newProperties - (object) properties to assign to the class


  • object - the original class with the new properties assigned. Any methods overwritten are preserved through this.previous.


The .implements method of class allows you to inject new properties into an existing class. Where collisions of objects occur, they are blended. For example:

var Animal = new Class({
    options: {
        color: 'brown',
        says: 'hissss'

Animal.implement('options', {says: 'meow'});

// Animal.prototype.options is now {says: 'meow', color: 'brown'};

However, this is not the case with methods, which are overwritten.

Class.refactor, however, allows you to reference the previous state with this.previous. For example:

var Cat = new Class({
    energy: 0,
        eat: function(){

Class.refactor(Cat, {
    eat: function(){
        this.previous(); //energy++!
        alert("this cat has " + + " energy");

Note also that changes to a class affect the subclasses of that class.

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