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One second request, though requested second, should return before the 3 second request.<br />
<small>(Might not work in Opera because they do not support the async attribute at the moment)</small>
<button id="fetch">fetch!</button>
<pre id="returned"></pre>
<script src="/depender/build?require=More/Request.JSONP,Core/Element.Event"></script>
var returned ='returned');
$('fetch').addEvent('click', function(){
new Request.JSONP({
url: '/echo/jsonp/',
data: {delay: 3},
onComplete: function(){
returned.appendText('Three second request returned.\n');
new Request.JSONP({
url: '/echo/jsonp/',
data: {delay: 1},
onComplete: function(data){
returned.appendText('One second request returned.\n');
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