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Press shift+a and there should appear some text below
<div id="result"><h3>Keydown - press shift+a and the event should fire on keydown</h3></div>
<div id="result2"><h3>Keyup - press shift+b and the event should fire on keyup</h3></div>
<div id="result3"><h3>Keyup - press shift+c+d and the event should fire on keydown</h3></div>
<div id="result4">
<h3>Keyup - press shift+++c and the event should fire on keyup</h3>
<p><small>Make sure you use the right <code>+</code> key, keydown/keyup events don't always return the right key in certain keyboard layouts</small></p>
<script src="/depender/build?require=More/Element.Event.Pseudos.Keys"></script>
var result = $('result'),
result2 = $('result2'),
result3 = $('result3'),
result4 = $('result4');
document.addEvent('keydown:keys(shift+a)', function(){
result.set('html', result.get('html') + 'succes keydown:keys(shift+a)!<br>');
document.addEvent('keyup:keys(shift+b)', function(){
result2.set('html', result2.get('html') + 'succes keyup:keys(shift+b)!<br>');
document.addEvent('keydown:keys(shift+c+d)', function(e){
result3.set('html', result3.get('html') + 'succes keyup:keys(shift+c+d)!<br>');
document.addEvent('keydown:keys(shift+++c)', function(e){
result4.set('html', result4.get('html') + 'succes keyup:keys(shift+++c)!<br>');
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