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Suggestion to add Template class to Mootools-More #1015

allochi opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Please have a look a this and see if it good enough to include in Mootools more, it started as a suggestion to extend String.substitue to become a class to deal with templates :)

If Mootools team likes it, I can spend more time on it (which I will anyway) and send you the code, otherwise I can add it to forge, in anyway it's part of my HTML5 editor project that I'm working on now, and I would be happy if it see its way to in Mootools-More.

Thanks for Mootools!


@allochi I am cleaning old issues preparing for 1.5.1 release and found your post.
I am sorry this didn't get feedback. I will close this now since even the link is now dead.

Did you develop this? if so would be nice to have it in the forge.
Regards to Geneva!

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