improve HtmlTable title parser to parse other types #1041

hamczu opened this Issue Sep 30, 2011 · 2 comments

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Current title parser return just "title" attribute:

convert: function(){
    return this.title;

But what if I have number or date type stored in attribute? There is no way to achieve sensible sorting.
My proposition:

  • title should not be the "parser" because it does not parse anything.
  • add "getter" parameter to sortable width default behavior:
return this.get('text')

As a parameter one could pass:

  • function - which return proper value
  • string - in this case function returning this attribute will be created

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albo input-checked and input-value should not be "parsers" but "getters" because they get value from cell and do not care about format (date, number) so they cannot parse it.

@anutron anutron was assigned Sep 30, 2011

I have made a patch in #1042

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