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getComputedSize not working with 'em' in Opera #1047

abimelex opened this Issue · 4 comments

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getComputedSize interprets ems in Opera in the stylesheet directly as pixels without any calculating. 1em = 1px ....

tested in opera 11.51, opera mobile

mootools more:

@hummal hummal referenced this issue in StephanWagner/mBox

Tooltips in Opera 11.51 positioning doesn't work #2


@hummal could you please check if this is still a issue in the nightly build which will be 1.5 in a few days?


Prepared a jsFiddle for that issue a year ago.


@hummal it looks good to me :/
How does the wrong behavior look like? what should I be looking for?

Also ,can this be fixed already by #2401 as you mentioned here?

Thank you for nice input once more


Issue #2401 is exactly what happens to me. Iam a little confused why I did reference this issue instead of the one you showed up.
My problem could be solved by adding a border:0 to the element style.
If you tested the em vs px "getComputedSize()" and it worked as expected in opera, I guess it is fixed already.

Thank you

@SergioCrisostomo SergioCrisostomo closed this issue from a commit
@SergioCrisostomo SergioCrisostomo Merge: Slider.JS - bug fix and new event "move"
 - closes #1198, closes #1047, fixes #1095 , fixes #1073, fixes #252, fixes #1068

 - More detailed explanation in the PR: #1256
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