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Form.Request documentation incorrectly lists formRequest as the Element Method #1056

ericcholis opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The Form.Request document lists formRequest as the Element Method for Form.Request, when the code actually implements formUpdate.

    Element.implement('formUpdate', function(update, options){
        var fq = this.retrieve('form.request');
        if (!fq){
            fq = new Form.Request(this, update, options);
        } else {
            if (update) fq.setTarget(update);
            if (options) fq.setOptions(options).makeRequest();
        return this;

Yes -- this is a completely blatant bug in either the documentation or the code.
Says you should be able to do:
$(element).formRequest(update, options);

Which yields "... formRequest is not a function"


I can confirm this discrepancy still exists in More

@SergioCrisostomo SergioCrisostomo closed this issue from a commit
@SergioCrisostomo SergioCrisostomo Merge: Update documentation for .formUpdate
Documentation refers to a method `element.formRequest()`.
Such method does not exist (

The method correct name is `.formUpdate()` as can be seen in the source code:

     Element.implement('formUpdate', function(update, options){

console.log($('myForm').formUpdate);  // function (update, options){ ...
console.log($('myForm').formRequest); // undefined

fixes #254
fixes #1056
closes #1254
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