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Form.Validator + Element.Delegate (1.4.2) cause superflous .fireEvent("change") on inputs #1080

DimitarChristoff opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This has wasted the better part of 2 days of debugging until I isolated it and found it was a mootools-more problem.

Very simple setup. form, validated. on the submit event, all the fields that are being validated fire a change event in IE7 and IE8. No other browser does this.

var validator = new Form.Validator.Inline(document.getElement("form"), {
    evaluateFieldsOnBlur: false,
    evaluateFieldsOnChange: false    

It is not the resetField method that causes it but if you select a single radio and then click it, it triggers because of the blur.

if you play with it some in IE8 with developer tools on (console), you will notice the change event fires under many different circumstances but it always fires a lot when you press submit on the form.

this is causing a big issue for me as we do validation and branching / dependencies checks on change and blur as well as helpers...


I have isolated this to mootools-core and removeClass:

pressing submit in IE8 will perform $("dom").removeClass("validation-failed") - which fires the element.onChange for the radio. you can confirm this by removing the resetField method on the validator.


raised as an issue in -core: mootools/mootools-core#2170

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