URI get("query") does not return '?' but doc says it does #1090

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satazor commented Jan 17, 2012

The docs state that the '?' is added for me (I guess this means automatically) but it does not

query - (string) 'foo=bar&something=else' (the ? is added for you)

var test = new URI("http://google.com?teste=1");


Hi André! Yes, the ? is added.

For example:

var myURI = new URI('http://www.google.com/');
myURI.setData('foo', 'bar');
console.log(myURI.toString()); // http://www.google.com/?foo=bar 

So I close this now.

P.S.- André, tenho a tarefa de limpar a lista aqui. Sei que esta resposta é inutil agora, passados dois anos, mas respondí só para não fechar "a seco". Juntei-me à equipa à uns meses e estou a tentar "arrumar a casa" :)

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