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measure getDimensions bug in Chrome #1092

karolis-k opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I was implementing spinner and it wasn't positioning correctly in chrome ('left' and 'top' styles not set).

I did some research and there is a bug Measure's 'getDimensions' function:
var parent = this.getParent('body');

should be:
var parent = this.getParent('BODY');

Please let me know if you need any more info.


Are you sure, BODY or body should make a difference. Could you create a demonstrating the problem with the relevant code?


Changing this to BODY may break sites which use XHTML since XML is case sensitive.


Right, the problem is with XML stuff. The webpage I'm working on has some other JavaScript frameworks (which I cannot control) and one of them executes this script (I don't know why code highlighting didn't work for me):

window.XMLDocument.prototype.\__defineGetter__("xml", function () {
    return toXml(this);

function toXml (k) {
    if (typeof XMLSerializer != "undefined") {
        return new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(k);
    if (k.xml) {
        return k.xml;
    return "";

And I'm not really sure what it's trying to achieve:).

Maybe we can just assign that parent variable in some other way?


This is a old issue and too localized. I close it now.
@karolis-k feel free to post again if you feel this should get attention again.

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