String.standardize() behaving inconsistently #1126

squidfunk opened this Issue May 14, 2012 · 1 comment

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Hey there,

no bug, just a little improvement suggestion. When using the standardize() method of the String object, german umlauts ä and ö are folded to a and o, while ü is mapped to ue. The expected behaviour would be:

ä => a
ö => o
ü => u

This can be simply done by changing the following lines:

'ue': /[ü]/g,
'UE': /[Ü]/g,
'u': /[ùúûůµ]/g,
'U': /[ÙÚÛŮ]/g,


'u': /[ùúûůüµ]/g,
'U': /[ÙÚÛŮÜ]/g,

Hope this finds its way into the library.

All the best,

MooTools member

Fixed by #1144

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