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Thetjo commented May 15, 2012

Problem: When both jQuery and MooTools are loaded, Twitter Bootstrap seems to be running code from the MooTools library.

Demo (minimal):

  1. Please go to the demo page (note the loading order, the latest versions of all libraries being used and noConflict() already in place).
  2. Drag the browser screen small until the menu items disappear and the menu icon appears.
  3. Click the menu item to open the dropdown menu, and click it again to close it back up.
  4. The menu immediately disappears (without the normal smooth slide-up effect) and can't be dropped down again (Mac OS Lion Chrome) or can be dropped down again, but upon making the browser wide again the menu items never appear back (Mac OS Lion Firefox).

I boiled this behavior down to line 3139 of mootools-more.js in their hide() function, which apparently is being run (something a simple alert() right before line 3139 would show). Is MooTools perhaps attaching this hide() event too aggressively to DOM objects?

This issue was posted earlier on the Twitter Bootstrap bug tracker (twitter/bootstrap#3436), where it was referred to as a potential problem in MooTools.


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I also found this, it has to do with the fact that Bootstrap triggers the 'hide' event, and jQuery interprets the hide() function as an event handler.

is there any fix or workaround?

//edit: ok, there is one, you can find it here: twitter/bootstrap#3436


fakedarren commented Mar 19, 2013


On 19 Mar 2013, at 18:39, ulilicht wrote:

is there any fix or workaround?

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.

Thank you very much! (i also discovered this in the meantime ;-) )

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