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More>Object.Extras :: Object.setToPath #264

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Hi MooTools pals.

Once time ago I wrote a XML2Js converter, and some of you helped me (at Google Group) with a function I was requiring that time, which I believe should be part of MooTools More Object.Extras.

It is a setToPath function, which basically create object paths from strings and fill it with a value.

Next, it's code:

function setToPath (source, path, val) {
        var parts = key.split('.'),
            source2 = source; // so we can return the object
        for (var i = 0, l = parts.length; i < l; i++) {
            // So when the value does not exist (and is an own property) or is not an object
            if (i < (l - 1) && (!source.hasOwnProperty(parts[i]) || !Type.isObject(source[i]))){
                source[parts[i]] = {};

            if (i == l - 1) source[parts[i]] = val;
            else source = source[parts[i]];
        // Return the modified object
        return source2;

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