Removing redundant multiple getSelected methods in HtmlTable.Select #1112

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There are 3 copies of the exact same method with exactly the same body in the HtmlTable.Select file.

Unless I'm missing something extraordinarily complex or simple, this is almost certainly an error.


This looks good to me.

@bisrael bisrael Undoing previous change on the master branch.
I think i need to do this in a different branch.

Does no one care about duplicate code?

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I do care! ( a bit late answer, sorry...)
Can you rewind and leave just the 1st commit so we don't mix different ideas in the same PR?
I would like to see that first commit in, and your code cleaning merged.

We are preparing for the 1.5 release and this should be there.

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MooTools member

@SergioCrisostomo you could cherry-pick this first commit.

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Merged by ec4cb4d.

Thank you @bisrael !

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