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MooTools Core Specs

This repository is intended to provide the specification infrastructure for MooTools Core.

The infrastructure uses Jasmine as a UnitTest-Library. It is possible to run Specs via the browser, via JSTestDriver and via NodeJS.


Clone the MooTools Core repository and initialize the submodules.

Set up the Specs:

cd Specs
git pull origin master
git submodule update --init
chmod +x server test runner runner.js buildJSTDConfiguration.js


  • NodeJS


  • Open index.html in your favorite browser and press the right link
  • Run the JSTD Server
    • Start via ./server {options}
    • Point one or more browsers to http://localhost:9876
    • Run all tests via ./test
  • Run in NodeJS via ./runner.js {options}

Available Options

Options are specified via JSON.

Example for JSTD ./server '{"version": 1.3, "path": "../core/", "specs": [1.2, "1.3base", "1.3client"]}'

Example for NodeJS ./runner.js '{"sets": ["1.3base"], "source": "../core/"}'

Options "sets" - The specs to run, see Configuration.js "source" - The source files package, see Configuration.js "preset" - You can simply use a preset with predefined sets and source, see Configuration.js

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