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(Slick is an official MooTools project)


A new standalone selector engine that is totally slick!

Create your own custom pseudo-classes!

Ever want to make your own :my-widget(rocks) pseudoclass? Now you can!

Use your own custom getAttribute code!

EG: Use MooTool's Element.get method or jQuery's $.attr

Use your own parser!

Want to support XPATH selectors? JSONPath selectors? Pre-cached JS Object selctors? Just swap out the default parser and make your own.

Use the parser by itself!

Want to integrate a CSS3 Selector parser into your own app somehow? Use the slick selector CSS3 parser by itself and get a JS Object representation of your selector.

Slick Selector Engine


search context for selector

Search this context for any nodes that match this selector.


  • context: document or node or array of documents or nodes
  • selector: String or SelectorObject
  • (optional) append: Array or Object with a push method

Returns: append argument or Array of 0 or more nodes, "#foo > bar.baz") → [<bar>, <bar>, <bar>][<ol>, <ul>], "li > a") → [<a>, <a>, <a>], "#foo > bar.baz", { push:function(){} }) → { push:function(){}, 0:<bar>, 1:<bar>, 2:<bar> }

find first in context with selector or null

Find the first node in document that matches selector or null if none are found.


  • context: document or node or array of documents or nodes
  • selector: String or SelectorObject

Returns: Element or null

Slick.find(document, "#foo > bar.baz") → <bar>
Slick.find(node, "#does-not-exist") → null

node match selector?

Does this node match this selector?


  • node
  • node, String or SelectorObject

Returns: true or false

Slick.match(<div class=rocks>, "") → true
Slick.match(<div class=lame>, "") → false
Slick.match(<div class=lame>, <div class=rocks>) → false

context contains node?

Does this context contain this node? Is the context a parent of this node?


  • context: document or node
  • node: node

Returns: true or false

Slick.contains(<ul>, <li>) → true
Slick.contains(<body>, <html>) → false

Slick CSS Selector Parser

Parse a CSS selector string into a JavaScript object


parse selector into object

Parse a CSS Selector String into a Selector Object.

Expects: String

Returns: SelectorObject

Slick.parse("#foo > bar.baz") → SelectorObject

SelectorObject format

#foo > bar.baz

	"raw":"#foo > bar.baz",
	"expressions": [[
		{ "combinator":" ", "tag":"*", "id":"foo" },
		{ "combinator":">", "tag":"bar", "classList": ["baz"], "classes": [{"value":"baz", "regexp":RegExp }]}

h1, h2, ul > li, .things

	"raw": "h1, h2, ul > li, .things",
	"expressions": [
		[{ "combinator":" ", "tag": "h1" }],
		[{ "combinator":" ", "tag": "h2" }],
		[{ "combinator":" ", "tag": "ul" }, { "combinator": ">", "tag": "li" }],
		[{ "combinator":" ", "tag": "*", "classList": ["things"], "classes": [{"value": "things", "regexp":RegExp }] }]


Standalone CSS Selector Parser and Engine. An official MooTools project.




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