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To install everything you need to clone the repository and submodules (for the docs), install dependencies, build the documentation and run the server:

	git clone git://
	cd website
	npm install
	cp config/api_keys.sample.json config/api_keys.json
	cp config/databases.sample.json config/databases.json
	node build/all # optional "--add-keys" to update api_keys.json
	node index


  • Some dependencies use native C code which requires some compiler.
    • For Mac users this means that Xcode (Command Line Tools) should be installed.
    • For Windows you need python (2.7, and don't forget to add it you your %PATH%) and a C++ compiler like Visual Studio Express

Run it

To run it, you can either use node directly.

	node index

Now the website is running on http://localhost:3000.

Alternatively use forever or use supervisor. supervisor watches all files, while wrapup/stylus write to the public folder. It is advised to use supervisor --ignore public index.

Like to help?

We have a Trello board that you can follow and comment on. Also you can find opened issues and create pull requests.

Folder structure

  • /index.js, is the main file, you can find everything from there
  • /views is where all the views and uncompiled js/css is
  • /public is where compiled css/js is saved. Also contains other things like images or fonts
  • /{core,more} is where the routes of those projects are defined also the source files (markdown) of the guides/tutorials
  • /blog is where the routes and blogposts are stored
  • /{middleware,lib} are some library/helper modules
  • /tests is where some unit tests for some modules are located
  • /design contains some .ai files and other design specifications
  • /builder is for the wrapup web UI front-end
  • /build contains build scripts for the blog/guides and more
  • /cache is where the output of the build scripts is stored

Adding new release of project (untested as of 2014-11-04)

	node build/release [project] [tag]

this command should update the package.json configuration fields. After that doing as node build/all will clone the repository and build docs etc.