Ninefold's performance tests to test platforms' capability of keeping users happy as you scale
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Ninefold Performance Tests

Ninefold's performance tests have been designed to show the impact on "happy users" as different platforms scale.

These are the tests we ran to produce the data shown on our performance page. We wanted to release them so you can reproduce what we did and run your own tests.

Running the Tests

The tests use the ruby-jmeter gem to write a JMeter test plan which is then sent to You can set up your own JMeter install if you'd prefer, but flood is a great way to get to the testing without messing around with setting up infrastructure.

Fork the repo and setup your environment:

$ git clone
$ cd nf_performance_tests
$ bundle install

If you're using flood, then you'll need to sign up and get your API token. You can get that by going to your flood settings page and copying the token.

$ export FLOOD_IO_KEY=<your key>

Now you'll need to have a Spree install with the sample data loaded to point the test script at. We've got a repo which you can fork and work with. Instructions for setup are in that repo.

Once you've got your app running, time to point your flood at the app. Make sure you've got a grid started in the region that you're going to flood from. If you don't, you'll get a 400 error.

$ bundle exec ruby bin/spree_test.rb flood Spree <DOMAIN> --users=200 --ramp=60 \
                                                 --length=300 --region=us-west-1 --name="My Test"

Note that DOMAIN should not contain http:// or the trailing /.

If all went well, you should see a URL to your flood and you can watch it go and see your results. We recommend setting the Apdex settings in to something no more than 750ms for Satisfied and 3000ms for Tolerating.

Writing Your Own

We're working on a better API at the moment, but for now here are the steps to create your own tests:

  1. Copy lib/nf_performance/tests/example.rb and name it after your app (eg. myapp.rb. The app name must be the lowercase version of the class, without underscores)
  2. Open your new test and rename the class Example to your app (eg. MyApp)
  3. Using the ruby-jmeter DSL, write a test plan to simulate users.
  4. Run your tests like the example for spree:
$ bundle exec bin/test.rb MyApp <DOMAIN> --users=200 --ramp=60 --length=300 \
                                         --region=us-west1 --name 'MyApp Test'


If you want to contribute to this repo, either by improving the tests or adding a new project to test against, then you know the drill:

  1. Fork the project
  2. Make your changes
  3. Make a pull request

Easy, n'est-ce pas?

Your Results

We want to hear about your results. If your app doesn't perform the way that you think it should on Ninefold, then we want to know about it. We're constantly tweaking our platform to provide the best performance for the price.