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accounts - General Ledger and financial account service with an HTTP API
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Moov Accounts is a general ledger accounting system designed to support the handling of Customer funds deposited at a bank or credit union. Implemented as an RESTful API and Moov Accounts can be leveraged by a financial institution to provide modern banking services to its customers. Moov Accounts can be utilized by a technology company to manage Customer assets that are in a single For Benefit of Account at a financial institution. Moov's primary use is with paygate. (A full implementation of ACH origination)

This implementation is currently not complete for use in production, but any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Docs: | api docs


Accounting for Developers Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


You can download our docker image moov/accounts from Docker Hub or use this repository. No configuration is required to serve on :8085 and metrics at :9095/metrics in Prometheus format.


The following environmental variables can be set to configure behavior in Accounts.

Environmental Variable Description Default
DEFAULT_ROUTING_NUMBER ABA routing number used when accounts are created. Required
SQLITE_DB_PATH Local filepath location for the paygate SQLite database. accounts.db
ACCOUNT_STORAGE_TYPE Storage engine for account data. Default: sqlite
TRANSACTION_STORAGE_TYPE Storage engine for transaction data. Default: sqlite
QLEDGER_ENDPOINT HTTP endpoint to access QLedger (if storage type is qledger) Optional
QLEDGER_AUTH_TOKEN Auth token to access QLedger (if storage type is qledger) Optional
LOG_FORMAT Format for logging lines to be written as. Options: json, plain - Default: plain
HTTP_BIND_ADDRESS Address for paygate to bind its HTTP server on. This overrides the command-line flag -http.addr. Default: :8085
HTTP_ADMIN_BIND_ADDRESS Address for paygate to bind its admin HTTP server on. This overrides the command-line flag -admin.addr. Default: :9095

Getting Help

channel info
Project Documentation Our project documentation available online.
Google Group moov-users The Moov users Google group is for contributors other people contributing to the Moov project. You can join them without a google account by sending an email to After receiving the join-request message, you can simply reply to that to confirm the subscription.
Twitter @moov_io You can follow Moov.IO's Twitter feed to get updates on our project(s). You can also tweet us questions or just share blogs or stories.
GitHub Issue If you are able to reproduce an problem please open a GitHub Issue under the specific project that caused the error.
moov-io slack Join our slack channel to have an interactive discussion about the development of the project. Request an invite to the slack channel


Yes please! Please review our Contributing guide and Code of Conduct to get started!

Note: This project uses Go Modules, which requires Go 1.11 or higher, but we ship the vendor directory in our repository.


Apache License 2.0 See LICENSE for details.

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