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Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) - US Sanctions Search API
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Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) is an HTTP API and Go library to download, parse and serve United States OFAC sanction data for applications and humans. Also supported is an async webhook notification service to initiate processes on remote systems connected with OFAC. The US Treasury department offers a search page for OFAC records.

All United States companies are required to comply with OFAC regulations and sanction lists. Moov's primary usage for this project is with ACH origination in our paygate project.

To get started using OFAC download the latest release or our Docker image. We also have a demo OFAC instance as part of Moov's demo environment.

# Run as a binary
$ wget
$ chmod +x ofac-darwin-amd64
$ ./ofac-darwin-amd64
ts=2019-02-05T00:03:31.9583844Z caller=main.go:42 startup="Starting ofac server version v0.7.0"

# Run as a Docker image
$ docker run -p 8084:8084 -p 9094:9094 -it moov/ofac:v0.7.0
ts=2019-02-05T00:03:31.9583844Z caller=main.go:42 startup="Starting ofac server version v0.7.0"

# Perform a basic search
$ curl -s localhost:8084/search?name=...
  "SDNs": [
      "entityID": "...",
      "sdnName": "...",
      "sdnType": "...",
      "program": "...",
      "title": "...",
      "callSign": "...",
      "vesselType": "...",
      "tonnage": "...",
      "grossRegisteredTonnage": "...",
      "vesselFlag": "...",
      "vesselOwner": "...",
      "remarks": "..."
  "altNames": null,
  "addresses": null

We offer hosted api docs as part of Moov's tools and an OpenAPI specification for use with generated clients.

Docs: | api docs


Environmental Variable Description Default
OFAC_DATA_REFRESH Interval for OFAC data redownload and reparse. 12h
OFAC_DOWNLOAD_TEMPLATE HTTP address for downloading raw OFAC files. (OFAC website)
SQLITE_DB_PATH Local filepath location for the paygate SQLite database. ofac.db
WEBHOOK_BATCH_SIZE How many watches to read from database per batch of async searches. 100


  • Download OFAC data on startup
  • Index data for searches
  • Async searches and notifications (webhooks)
  • Manual overrides to mark a Company or Customer as unsafe (blocked) or exception (never blocked).
  • Library to download and parse OFAC files

Webhook Notifications

When OFAC sends a webhook to your application the body will contain a JSON representation of the Company or Customer model as the body to a POST request. You can see an example in Go.

An Authorization header will also be sent with the authToken provided when setting up the watch. Clients should verify this token to ensure authenticated communicated.

Webhook notifications are ran after the OFAC data is successfully refreshed, which is determined by the OFAC_DATA_REFRESH environmental variable.

Watching a specific Customer or Company by ID

OFAC supports sending a webhook periodically when a specific Company or Customer is to be watched. This is designed to update another system about an OFAC entry's sanction status.

Watching a customer or company name

OFAC supports sending a webhook periodically with a free-form name of a Company or Customer. This allows external applications to be notified when an entity matching that name is added to the OFAC list. The match percentage will be included in the JSON payload.

Getting Help

We maintain a runbook for common issues and configuration options. Also, if you've encountered a security issue please contact us at

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Yes please! Please review our Contributing guide and Code of Conduct to get started!

Note: This project uses Go Modules, which requires Go 1.11 or higher, but we ship the vendor directory in our repository.



Apache License 2.0 See LICENSE for details.

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