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Fastlane Template

An example of Fastlane files could be used if the iOS projects

Setup Fastlane

To use Fastlane with the project firstly need to download and install Fastlane on your machine follow this instruction

Then pasts/replace the following files/folders inthe the fastlane folder.

  • Appfile
  • Fastfule
  • .env (Hidden file)
  • Sigh

Folowwing that add the app detail into Appfile and .env

Setup dev certificates

To download and install dev certificates run.
fastlane dev

Send Beta to test users via Fabric

To build and send a beta version to users the following code could be run from the main directory.
fastlane beta

Deploy a version to App Store

To build and deploy a version to App Store you first need to create a new version in the app store then running the following code.
fastlane deploy

Note: The certificates will be stored in sigh folder