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A light libxml wrapper for Go
Go C

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by Hampton Catlin™

A pretty straightforward and simple library for using
LibXML in native Go.

First, install Go and libxml on your system. You can google that
one yourself. You probably have libxml2 and since you are looking
for a Go lib, assumedly you have that too.

Then, we are using the build tool called "gb". You can get install
instructions from here:

So, to build the project, just go to the root directory and type

    $> gb

Then, to run the tests:

    $> gb -t
And finally, to install it...

    $> sudo -E gb -i
Note: The -E flag is needed if your GO_PATH is not exported automatically to the root user. So, setting -E makes sure it is!

To check memory leaks by libxml2, please add "--with-mem-debug" to the configure options when compiling libxml2. If you are on Mac and use brew, you can do 

    brew edit libxml2

Then add " --with-mem-debug " into "args", after "--prefix=#{prefix}", and do

    brew install libxml2; brew link libxml2

On linux, you just need to rebuild libxml2 with ( --with-mem-debug).Just do

    ./configure --with-mem-debug; make install 

You should run the tests again. If there are memory leaks, you should see errors if there are memory leaks by libxml2.

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