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+# gvm
+by Josh Bussdieker (jbuss, jaja, jbussdieker)
+GVM provides an interface to manage Go versions.
+* Install/Uninstall Go versions with `gvm install [tag]` where tag is "60.3", "go1", "weekly.2011-11-08", or "tip"
+* List added/removed files in GOROOT with `gvm diff`
+* Manage GOPATHs with `gvm pkgset [create/use/delete] [name]`
+* List latest release tags with `gvm listall`. Use `--all` to list weekly as well.
+* Cache a clean copy of the latest Go source for multiple version installs.
+When we started developing in Go mismatched dependencies and API changes plauged our build process and made it extremely difficult to merge with other peoples changes.
+After nuking my entire GOROOT several times and rebuilding I decided to come up with a tool to oversee the process. It eventually evolved into what gvm is today.
+To install:
+ bash < <(curl -s
+Installing Go
+ gvm install go1
+ gvm use go1 [--default]
+Once this is done Go will be in the path and ready to use. $GOROOT and $GOPATH are set automatically.
+You are now ready to create and use packages built using gpkg. Instructions can be found at
+List Go Versions
+To list all installed Go versions (The current version is prefixed with "=>"):
+ gvm list
+To completely remove gvm and all installed Go versions and packages:
+ gvm implode
+If that doesn't work see the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this page.
+Mac OSX Requirements
+ Install mercurial from
+Linux Requirements
+ sudo apt-get install curl
+ sudo apt-get install git
+ sudo apt-get install mercurial
+ sudo apt-get install make
+ sudo apt-get install binutils
+ sudo apt-get install bison
+ sudo apt-get install gcc
+Sometimes especially during upgrades the state of gvm's files can get mixed up. This is mostly true for upgrade from older version than 0.0.8. Changes are slowing down and a LTR is imminent. But for now `rm -rf ~/.gvm` will always remove gvm. Stay tuned!
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+AC_INIT(hello, 0.0.1)

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