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This project works with the Moovweb SDK.

See detailed documentation for the MoovSDK at

Moovweb's GoogleTV Library (MTV)

The purpose of the mtv.js library is to provide users with a framework to build GoogleTV web applications using Moovweb technology.

Each zone will automatically have keyboard and D-pad functionality and you will be able to tab between zones. You will also be able to press enter or click a content div to activate it's primary link.


Simply setup the following HTML hierarchy in the DOM and mtv will take care of the rest.


# One zone wrapper
<div class="mtv-zone">

  # One items-div wrapper
  <div class="mtv-items-div">

    # Multiple mtv-div elements paired with mtv-item elements
    <div class="mtv-div">
      <div class="mtv-item">
        # Usually a link here.

    # This structure works too. 
    <div class="mtv-div mtv-item">
        # Usually a link here.


Optional Settings

The MTV library comes with an array of options that can be enabled by setting data-mtv attributes on various elements.

Link Behavior

By default, clicking or pressing enter will go to the first link found in the mtv-div. If you'd like to go to a different link, simply set that anchor with the attribute: data-mtv-component="link".

You can also have the Enter key simulate a click event by setting the element you want to click with the attribute: data-mtv-component="click".


You can also enable links to AJAX their URL into a certain zone on your page. To do this follow the next two steps:

  1. Set the element that will call the AJAX with the attribute: data-mtv-component="ajax".
  • You'll also need to set a target for where this content should be placed. You'll notice that every .mtv-zone has an attribute automatically assigned called data-mtv-id. Use this id number to set your AJAX element with the attribute: data-mtv-target="id_number". Now the link knows in which zone the content will be placed.


Each zone can have an additional class of "mtv-sidebar" or "mtv-grid" that come with default styles.

Just go into assets/stylesheets/main.scss and uncomment the line: @import "globals/_mtv";

Moovweb's Uranium.js Widgets

The MTV library also works well with Uranium.js, Moovweb's mobile widget library that comes prepackaged with common mobile widgets you'll find yourself using on every site.


Remember to put all domains you're going to hit in your etc/hosts or to run your server with the -auto-hosts=true option.