Build and deploy e-commerce progressive web apps in record time.
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React Storefront

Build and deploy e-commerce progressive web apps in record time.

Full Guides, API Documentation, and Examples

Example Site

Example Site Built with React Storefront

You can create a local copy of this site using create-react-storefront to use as a starting point for your own site:

npm install -g create-react-storefront
create-react-storefront my-site


All rights reserved.


To contribute to react-storefront:

  1. Make a branch from master
  2. Make your changes
  3. Add tests
  4. Verify all tests pass by running yarn test
  5. Add an item to the Change Log in Use your best judgement as to whether your change is a patch, minor release, or major release. We'll ensure that the correct version number is assigned before it is released.
  6. Create a PR.


First, clone the repo and run yarn to install dependencies


To use your local copy of react-storefront when developing apps, in your clone of this repo, run:

yarn link:all

To automatically transpile your code when you make changes, run:

yarn watch

Then, in your app's root directory run:

npm link react-storefront
npm link babel-plugin-react-storefront



  • Added envVariables to webpack server options
  • Added ability to set asset path base


  • Added itemRenderer prop to Menu


  • Fixes an issue with Chrome 71 which prevents async loading of scripts by the service worker.


  • Fix bugs related to production builds


  • Code is now transpiled to ES5 before publishing
  • Bundle size reduced by about 20%
  • Can now run your build with an environment variable ANALYZE=true to see client build stats in your browser.


  • Fixed a bug with sending redirects in response to POST requests from AMP.


  • Prevents errors when webpack's OpenBrowserPlugin fails


  • Fixed bug where all analytics targets would result in AMP event triggers being rendered, even if they don't support AMP.
  • Removed some unused dependencies.


  • Fixed vertical alignment of + / - icons in QuantiySelector


  • You can now display the main menu on the right by setting <AppBar menuAlign="right"/> and <Menu align="right"/>.
  • You can disable the "menu" label below the main menu button by setting <AppBar menuIconProps={{ label: false }}/>
  • You can now provide a custom eslint config for webpack client and server builds.
  • Fix bug where an empty popup would show when the user hovers over a NavTab without a menu on desktop.


  • Fixed error when attempting to redirect from http to https.


  • Added x-rsf-response-type and x-rsf-handler headers
  • TabPanel's onChange prop no longer requires selected to be controlled.


  • TabPanel is now controllable via a new onChange prop.
  • Fixed bug in Container that would cause horizontal scrollbars to display on the window body.


  • Fix CSS syntax error in LoadMask that could cause CSS not to load properly app-wide
  • Reduce latency when serving static assets


  • Corrected peerDependencies by adding "react-transition-group" and removing "react-css-transition-group"


  • Improved performance of page transitions by setting app.loading to true in PageLink to eliminate a reconciliation cycle.
  • The service worker now excludes mp4 videos from the catch-all runtime route to work around a known issue with videos and service workers in Safari.


  • Upgrade to Material UI 3
  • Improved responsive capabilities of many components
  • NavTabs can now have menus
  • Menu icon is now animated


  • Added option to override selectedIndex in ImageSwitcher


  • AMP analytics event data is now automatically generated based on configured targets.
  • Added support for pageview events in AMP.
  • Adds support for res.arrayBuffer() to react-storefront's internal fetch implementation. This allows developers to fetch binary data as a buffer.


  • Prefetching now ramps up over the course of 25 minutes by default to ease the load on servers after clearing the cache during deployment

  • Removes some assets from the precache manifest that don't need to be prefetched.


  • You can now set a custom content-type using response.set('content-type', contentType).


  • You can now override <meta> tags using react-helmet.

  • Now throws an error in development when a cache handler runs during non-GET request

  • Removes set-cookie headers when route has a cache handler with server maxAgeSeconds > 0.

  • Automatically caches all proxied images and fonts for a day


  • ExpandableSection's expanded state can now be controlled via an expanded prop


  • Fixed bug with Referrer-Policy header.


  • Added Referrer-Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade response header


  • Added response.json() helper method for sending JSON data
  • Fixed ShowMore infinity scrolling bug


  • Added X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN response header by default.


  • response.redirect(url, status) no longer requires you to call response.send() afterwards.
  • Fixed bug where <Image lazy/> and <Link prefetch="visible"/> elements would eager fetch when hidden by upgrading react-visibility-sensor.


  • Fixed XXS vulnerability where code could be injected via the URL into the canonical link tag.


  • Moved proxy-polyfill to dependencies.


  • Static assets are now cached at the network edge.
  • s-maxage is now only removed when there is no outer edge cache.


  • Added anchorProps to Link
  • Added analytics support for IE9+ via the addition of proxy-polyfill


  • Added onSuccess prop to Track
  • Prefetching now automatically resumes once page navigation is complete.


  • Added ProductModelBase.basePrice
  • ProductModelBase.price is now a view that returns the price of the selected size or, if not present, the basePrice.
  • ButtonSelector can now display a CSS color code instead of an image via the new color field on OptionModelBase
  • ButtonSelector can now be configured to display a strike through when disabled by setting strikeThroughDisabled. The angle can be controlled via strikeThroughAngle.


  • Renamed to react-storefront and published on
  • Routes now automatically fire pageView analytics events. The track handler module has been removed
  • The new <Track> component let's you track interactions with analytics declaratively.
  • CommerceAnalyticsTarget and all subclasses have been moved to a separate package called 'moov-pwa-analytics'
  • Many methods of CommerceAnalyticsTarget have a new signature. All event methods now take a single options object. Please check your calls to methods on react-storefront/analytics to make sure they match the updated signatures.
  • Built in models in react-storefront/model no longer fire analytics events. Analytics events are only fired front components.
  • AMP analytics are now supported.


  • You can now return state objects from proxyUpstream handlers to render the PWA. Return null or undefined to render the proxied page.


  • Skeletons are no longer fullscreen. Pages remain hidden while app.loading is true, instead of being covered by the LoadMask/Skeleton.


  • Pages now keeps one page of each type hidden in the DOM to make navigating back and forward much faster.
  • AppModelBase.applyState has been optimized to minimize rerendering of observer components.
  • ResponsiveTiles has been optimized to render faster.


  • Renamed Breadcrumbs component to BackNav. It no longer tags an array of breadcrumbs, it now takes a single url and text.

  • Created a new Breadcrumbs component for displaying multiple breadcrumbs.


  • The request parameter passed to fromServer handlers has been refactored. The "path" property has been deprecated in favor of separate "pathname" and "search" properties.
  • Added a new UpdateNotification component that notifies the user when a new version of the app is available.
  • The service worker will now only load HTML from the cache when coming from AMP or when launching from the homescreen.


  • Adds the ability to reuse product thumbnails as the main product image in the PDP skeleton when navigating from PLP to PDP.


  • Fixed Link bug which formatted URL's incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where prefetched results are deleted when new SW is installed


  • Added SearchDrawer, which replaces SearchPopup.


  • You can now perfect proxy and transform pages from the upstream site using the new proxyUpstream handler. As a result, support for requestHeaderTransform({ fallbackToAdapt: true }) has been removed. Instead, simple add a fallback(proxyUpstream()) handler to your router.


  • Improved error handling with react-redbox and sourcemapped stacktraces for server-side errors
  • Added react error boundary to catch errors while rendering and display a component stack trace.
  • Automatically relay set-cookie headers from fetch calls to upstream APIs when not caching on the server.
  • Added fetchWithCookies to automatically forward all cookies when calling upstream APIs.


  • Support for moovsdk
  • Refactored handler signature to handler(params, request, response)
  • Renamed ShowMoreButton to ShowMore and added infiniteScroll prop
  • Functionality for moov_edge_request_transform, moov_edge_response_transform, moov_request_header_transform, index, and moov_response_header transform are not standardized in platform/* modules.
  • moov-react-dev-server is no longer needed
  • new ButtonSelector component for color and size selections
  • App state is automatically recorded in window.history.state so back and forward transitions are instantaneous.
  • AMP Form POST is now supported and multipart encoded request bodies are parsed automatically.
  • Added Skeleton components for creating custom loading skeletons