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The Selenium Conf Ruby/RSpec/Capybara workshop
Ruby Shell
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Selenium Conference Workshop


You should make sure the following dependencies are installed before the session begins...

To check whether Ruby is installed, try ruby -v. Versions newer than 1.8.7 should work fine, as should 1.8.6.

Installing Ruby for Linux


  • apt-get install ruby
  • yum install ruby.

Installing Ruby for OS X


  • brew install ruby.
  • port install ruby

Installing Ruby for Windows

Click here to begin downloading the Ruby installer.


To setup this workshop...

  • Either clone this repository with Git (git clone or download the latest zipped version from here.
  • Run sh (Linux & OS X) or setup.bat (Windows) to install all the dependencies (or run the commands listed in the respecitve file).
  • Try running the (currently failing) tests: rspec.

How to run...

On some systems, you will need to prefix all commands with bundle exec.

  • To run all tests: rspec (or bundle exec rspec).
  • To run all tests from a single file: rspec spec/navigation_spec.rb.
  • To run a single test, specify the file and line number: rspec spec/navigation_spec.rb:7.

Some links!

For future reference, here are some handy links...

  • Ruby (the programming language).
  • RSpec (the test framework).
  • Capybara (how the tests drive the browser).
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