Provides zsh like completion for minibuffer in Emacs
Emacs Lisp
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Zsh like completion system for Emacs.

screenshot of zlc


From package.el with MELPA repository,

M-x package-install zlc

Or you can just put zlc.el in your load path somewhere.

Then, put the following lines into you emacs config.

(require 'zlc)
(zlc-mode t)


menu select

To simulate zsh's `menu select', zlc arranges movement commands for 4 directions. If you want to use these commands, bind them to certain keys in your emacs config.

(let ((map minibuffer-local-map))
  ;;; like menu select
  (define-key map (kbd "<down>")  'zlc-select-next-vertical)
  (define-key map (kbd "<up>")    'zlc-select-previous-vertical)
  (define-key map (kbd "<right>") 'zlc-select-next)
  (define-key map (kbd "<left>")  'zlc-select-previous)

  ;;; reset selection
  (define-key map (kbd "C-c") 'zlc-reset)

complete immediately

If you want zlc to select completion immediately when Completions buffer is created, set non-Nil value to the zlc-select-completion-immediately.

(setq zlc-select-completion-immediately t)

selected item's style

You can customize the style of the selected item in the Completions buffer.

To change style, M-x customize-face and input zlc-selected-completion-face.