Allows you to bind commands to key sequences in Mozilla Firefox
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Latest commit 4a9f020 Mar 26, 2016 @mooz Version 2.3.0


KeySnail is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that aims to be a competitor and lightweight alternative to Vimperator. Unlike Vimperator, KeySnail provides comfortable browsing experience for Emacs users, but its target users are not limited to.

See for details.

How to release

  1. Update the package version by ./set_version_info.rb X.Y.Z
  2. Rebuild the package by ./
  3. Sign keysnail.xpi file in
  4. Replace keysnail.xpi with signed one, and update hash information in update.rdf by ./
  5. Update signature information in update.rdf for auto-updating by mccoy
  6. Push changes to GitHub