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For those who misses Emacs keys on Linux (both in Firefox and Chrome)

Good news! I started a new project xkeysnail, which provides you a key-configuration functionality on every application (including Firefox and Chrome) on Linux (it's like AutoHotKey on Windows). This frees you from limitations of web-browsers that prohibits you to override keys such as Ctrl+n and Ctrl+p.

In combination of Vim-oriented browsing-addons such as Surfingkeys (BTW, this add-on is a way better than old-style KeySnail I feel), xkeysnail provides you a better browsing experience as in KeySnail, I believe.

KeySnail doesn't support Firefox57+

Since Firefox 57 dropped several important features required by KeySnail (or Vimperator), there is no chance to migrate KeySnail to Firefox 57+ for now.

The most important feature, which has been unfortunately dropped in Firefox 57+, is API for overriding browser-level shortcut keys. See for details. Since current API only allows content-level shortcut keys, KeySnail doesn't work in most of the places including location bars, search field, and so forth.

If you want to keep using KeySnail, I recommend using Waterfox instead of Firefox. Several KeySnail users have already reported that they are enjoying Waterfox.

Another option is to switch to other add-ons that still work in Firefox 57+. I tried several add-ons and personally recommend Surfingkeys, which is highly extensible and has sophisticated APIs.

Thanks for using KeySnail! Without your encouraging reactions, I couldn't enjoy such a long-time lasting development.



KeySnail is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that aims to be a competitor and lightweight alternative to Vimperator. Unlike Vimperator, KeySnail provides comfortable browsing experience for Emacs users, but its target users are not limited to.

See for details.

How to release

  1. Update the package version by ./set_version_info.rb X.Y.Z
  2. Rebuild the package by ./
  3. Sign keysnail.xpi file in
  4. Replace keysnail.xpi with signed one, and update hash information in update.rdf by ./
  5. Update signature information in update.rdf for auto-updating by mccoy
  6. Push changes to GitHub


Allows you to bind commands to key sequences in Mozilla Firefox



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