A parser and converter for org-mode notation, written in JavaScript
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Parser and converter for org-mode (http://orgmode.org/) notation written in JavaScript.

Interactive Editor

For working example, see http://mooz.github.com/org-js/editor/.


npm install org

Simple example of org -> HTML conversion

var org = require("org");

var parser = new org.Parser();
var orgDocument = parser.parse(orgCode);
var orgHTMLDocument = orgDocument.convert(org.ConverterHTML, {
  headerOffset: 1,
  exportFromLineNumber: false,
  suppressSubScriptHandling: false,
  suppressAutoLink: false

console.dir(orgHTMLDocument); // => { title, contentHTML, tocHTML, toc }
console.log(orgHTMLDocument.toString()) // => Rendered HTML

Writing yet another converter

See lib/org/converter/html.js.