Parsec monadic parser ported to clojure
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Kessel is a more clojure-fied version of clarsec, which itself is a port of Haskell's Parsec to Clojure.

Rather than rely on an external monad library, kessel relies on clojure.algo.monads. This has the advantage that it can be dropped into other monadic code in Clojure should that be necessary.


There are two example parsers in the kessel.examples. One parses dates, and the other parses a small subset of JSON. The JSON example serves as an example of building parsers with recursive grammars.


Forward references for recursive rules require some hackery. Instead of using delay as clarsec does, kessel doesn't solve the problem for you. The JSON example uses var and alter-root-var to get around the issue, which is currently the recommended way to go.

Left recursive grammars should be avoided as they will eventually explode. There's some smart memoization that can be done to avoid this, but I haven't done it yet.

The Future

  1. Solve the explosion problem for left recursive grammars.
  2. Make a better solution for forward references in recursive grammars
  3. Should probably write some tests. :)


lein jar


Since this was originally a fork of clarsec and it used the Apache License version 2.0, so too does Kessel, though this is not necessarily desired.