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Meghanada-Mode MELPA MELPA

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/mopemope/meghanada-emacs Patreon

A Better Java Development Environment for Emacs

Meghanada is a new minor-mode (meghanada-mode) that aims at improving the editing experience for the Java. It works by using a combination of an Emacs package and meghanada-server.


  • Easy install
  • Auto update server module
  • Gradle and Maven and Eclipse project support
  • No need build tool's plugin
  • Run build tool task
  • Compile your project
  • Syntax check and analyze java source (flycheck-meghanada)
  • Support Generic Types
  • Code completion with company-mode (company-meghanada)
  • Optimize import and sort
  • Jump declaration
  • Run Junit test (include test runner)
  • Diagnostic reporting with flycheck (flycheck-meghanada)
  • Show symbol's type info with el-doc
  • Search references
  • Full-featured text search

Meghanada is tested under linux, Windows and macOS.

(Welcome contributions !)


Meghanada has been developed Emacs 25.1.1

Elisp dependencies

Package Version
cl-lib 0.5
yasnippet 0.6.1
company-mode 0.9.0
flycheck 0.23


meghanada-mode require meghanada-server and JDK (not JRE). meghanada-server provides an interface to meghanada-mode. It uses a simple protocol based on S-expressions. This server, written in java, requires the following packages to be installed on your system:

  • JDK 1.8 or later

The Meghanada architecture is almost the same as ensime. It is client server model.

Meghanada updates any information when saving and compile the java file.

If the completion candidate and others are incorrect, please fix the compile error.



Install meghanada from melpa.


(require 'meghanada)
(add-hook 'java-mode-hook
          (lambda ()
            ;; meghanada-mode on
            (meghanada-mode t)
            (flycheck-mode +1)
            (setq c-basic-offset 2)
            ;; use code format
            (add-hook 'before-save-hook 'meghanada-code-beautify-before-save)))
   ((eq system-type 'windows-nt)
    (setq meghanada-java-path (expand-file-name "bin/java.exe" (getenv "JAVA_HOME")))
    (setq meghanada-maven-path "mvn.cmd"))
    (setq meghanada-java-path "java")
    (setq meghanada-maven-path "mvn")))


The server will be automatically installed to ~/.emacs.d/meghanada/meghanada-x.x.jar.

If you open a java file and set meghanada-mode, a meghanada-server process starts automatically and connects to your emacs.


The server will be automatically updated.To manually update bellows, type

M-x meghanada-update-server

Auto completion

Auto completion is supported by comapany-mode.

Completion matcher is selectable. see type M-x customize-group RET meghanada.

Syntax/error checking

Error checking is supported by flycheck.


To customize other aspects of its behavior, type M-x customize-group RET meghanada .


Here is a list of available interactive commands.


Download and install meghanada-server jar.


Download and update meghanada-server jar. and restart server process.


Start meghanada-server process and connect to server.

meghanada-mode call this function by default. when open java file and set meghanada-mode.


Restart meghanada-server process and client process.


Kill meghanada-server process.


Connect to other meghanada-server directly.


Connect to meghanada-server . Call automatically at the start meghanada-mode.


Disconnect from meghanada-server .


Send ping meghanada-server


Clear meghanada-server's project cache data.

meghanada-import-all (C-c C-r i)

Add import all unqualified classes.

meghanada-optimize-import (C-c C-r o)

Import all and remove unused import statement.

The format of the import statement will be in google-java-format.


Add import statement from symbol at point.

meghanada-local-variable (C-c C-r r)

Introduce local variable. (need expression is end ;)

meghanada-compile-file (C-c C-c C-c)

Compile file (and related files).


Show project details.

meghanada-project-compile (C-c C-c c)

Compile project (full build and reindex).

meghanada-switch-testcase (C-M-,)

Switch testcase or source.


Run main class.


Debug main class.


Find usage (method call, field access, class).


It does a full text search based search (class, method, symbol (field)).


It does a full text search expert-mode (Enter a query for Lucene).

Here is a list of fields that can be used in the search.

  • package
  • class
  • method
  • symbol
  • usage
  • dc (method's or field's declaringClass)

ex. Seach class name contains Search .


It can also use AND operator.

dc:*Optional* AND usage:get


Show type hierarchies and implements interfaces.

meghanada-run-junit-class (C-c C-c C-t)

Run Junit test class.

meghanada-run-junit-test-case (C-c C-c t)

Run Junit testcase (select from imenu).

meghanada-debug-junit-class (C-c C-c C-t)

Debug Junit test class.

meghanada-debug-junit-test-case (C-c C-c t)

Debug Junit testcase (select from imenu).

meghanada-run-task (C-c C-v t)

Run build tool task.

meghanada-jump-declaration (M-.)

Goto declaration.

meghanada-back-jump (M-,)

Go back from declaration position.


Format buffer code. The default formatter is google-java-format

Customize code formatter

meghanada-mode uses google-java-format by default for formatter.

It also supports eclipse formatter. If you want to customize the formatter, you uses the exported eclipse format settings. To import the settings, change the name of the exported file to meghanadaFormatter.xml and put it in the project root or subproject root.


meghanada-mode has no debugger yet. However, external debugger is supported.

if you want to debug your code, execute meghanada-debug-xxxx function and then use realgud etc.

# in Emacs now:
 M-x meghanada-debug-junit-class
 Please wait ...
 M-x realgud:jdb
 Run jdb (like this): jdb -attach 6006
 Set uncaught java.lang.Throwable
   Set deferred uncaught java.lang.Throwable
   Initializing jdb ...
   VM Started: No frames on the current call stack

   main[1] stop at example.MyClass:100 // set breakpoint
   main[1] run


See *meghanada-server-log* buffer. or /tmp/meghanada_server.log.

Please press C-g when emacs seems to hang.

Setting example

(use-package autodisass-java-bytecode
  :ensure t
  :defer t)

(use-package google-c-style
  :defer t
  :ensure t

(use-package meghanada
  :defer t
  (add-hook 'java-mode-hook
            (lambda ()
              (meghanada-mode t)
              (smartparens-mode t)
              (rainbow-delimiters-mode t)
              (highlight-symbol-mode t)
              (add-hook 'before-save-hook 'meghanada-code-beautify-before-save)))

  (use-package realgud
    :ensure t)
  (setq indent-tabs-mode nil)
  (setq tab-width 2)
  (setq c-basic-offset 2)
  (setq meghanada-server-remote-debug t)
  (setq meghanada-javac-xlint "-Xlint:all,-processing")
  (:map meghanada-mode-map
        ("C-S-t" . meghanada-switch-testcase)
        ("M-RET" . meghanada-local-variable)
        ("C-M-." . helm-imenu)
        ("M-r" . meghanada-reference)
        ("M-t" . meghanada-typeinfo)
        ("C-z" . hydra-meghanada/body))

(defhydra hydra-meghanada (:hint nil :exit t)
^Edit^                           ^Tast or Task^
_f_: meghanada-compile-file      _m_: meghanada-restart
_c_: meghanada-compile-project   _t_: meghanada-run-task
_o_: meghanada-optimize-import   _j_: meghanada-run-junit-test-case
_s_: meghanada-switch-test-case  _J_: meghanada-run-junit-class
_v_: meghanada-local-variable    _R_: meghanada-run-junit-recent
_i_: meghanada-import-all        _r_: meghanada-reference
_g_: magit-status                _T_: meghanada-typeinfo
_l_: helm-ls-git-ls
_q_: exit
  ("f" meghanada-compile-file)
  ("m" meghanada-restart)

  ("c" meghanada-compile-project)
  ("o" meghanada-optimize-import)
  ("s" meghanada-switch-test-case)
  ("v" meghanada-local-variable)
  ("i" meghanada-import-all)

  ("g" magit-status)
  ("l" helm-ls-git-ls)

  ("t" meghanada-run-task)
  ("T" meghanada-typeinfo)
  ("j" meghanada-run-junit-test-case)
  ("J" meghanada-run-junit-class)
  ("R" meghanada-run-junit-recent)
  ("r" meghanada-reference)

  ("q" exit)
  ("z" nil "leave"))


  • Refactoring


Contributions are extremely welcome! Please push PR to dev branch.


GPL v3, See LICENSE file.