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class MopidyPodcastItunes < Formula
desc "Mopidy extension for searching and browsing podcasts on the Apple iTunes Store"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "11b0faf4d099336bb63afe7478ee1d387aeb2c6552a275b196c351a62e65b2e6"
head ""
depends_on "python"
depends_on "mopidy/mopidy/mopidy"
depends_on "mopidy/mopidy/mopidy-podcast"
# Dependencies assumed bundled by mopidy:
# - pykka
# - requests
def install
system "python3", *Language::Python.setup_install_args(libexec)
xy = Language::Python.major_minor_version "python3"
site_packages = "lib/python#{xy}/site-packages"
pth_contents = "import site; site.addsitedir('#{libexec/site_packages}')\n"
(prefix/site_packages/"homebrew-mopidy-podcast-itunes.pth").write pth_contents
test do
system "python3", "-c", "import mopidy_podcast_itunes"
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