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Mopidy extension for ALSA volume control.

Maintainer wanted

Mopidy-ALSAMixer is currently kept on life support by the Mopidy core developers. It is in need of a more dedicated maintainer.

If you want to be the maintainer of Mopidy-ALSAMixer, please:

  1. Make 2-3 good pull requests improving any part of the project.

  2. Read and get familiar with all of the project's open issues.

  3. Send a pull request removing this section and adding yourself as the "Current maintainer" in the "Credits" section below. In the pull request description, please refer to the previous pull requests and state that you've familiarized yourself with the open issues.

    As a maintainer, you'll be given push access to the repo and the authority to make releases to PyPI when you see fit.


  • A Linux system using ALSA for audio playback.
  • pyalsaaudio. Bindings for using the ALSA API from Python. The package is available as python-alsaaudio in Debian/Ubuntu.


Install by running:

sudo python3 -m pip install Mopidy-AlsaMixer

See for alternative installation methods.


To use Mopidy-AlsaMixer the audio/mixer configuration value must be set to alsamixer in the Mopidy configuration file:

mixer = alsamixer

The default Mopidy-AlsaMixer configuration will probably work for most use cases. If not, the following configuration values are available:

  • alsamixer/device: Which soundcard should be used, specified by its string alias. Defaults to default.
  • alsamixer/card: Which soundcard should be used, specified by its index. Numbered from 0 and up. If specified, alsamixer/device is ignored.
  • alsamixer/control: Which ALSA control should be used. Defaults to Master. Other typical values includes PCM. Run the command amixer scontrols to list available controls on your system.
  • alsamixer/min_volume and alsamixer/max_volume: Map the Mopidy volume control range to a different range. Values are in the range 0-100. Use this if the default range (0-100) is too wide, resulting in a small usable range for Mopidy's volume control. For example try min_volume = 30 and max_volume = 70 to map Mopidy's volume control to the middle of ALSA's volume range.
  • alsamixer/volume_scale: Either linear, cubic, or log. The cubic scale is the default as it is closer to how the human ear percieves volume, and matches the volume scale used in the alsamixer program.

Example alsamixer section from the Mopidy configuration file:

card = 1
control = PCM
min_volume = 0
max_volume = 100
volume_scale = cubic

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