Replace When.js with ES6 Promise #11

jodal opened this Issue Feb 22, 2016 · 0 comments


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jodal commented Feb 22, 2016

ES6 has standardized the Promise object. Of the browsers supporting WebSockets, mostly everyone except IE10 and IE11 supports Promise.

Mopidy.js should replace the When.js dependency with ES6 Promises without any bundled polyfill, making it as small as possible by default. Clients that want Mopidy.js to work with IE10/IE11 should provide a Promise polyfill themselves.


  • Remove Mopidy.when() reexport of When.js
  • Replace When.js with ES6 Promise in browsers
  • Replace When.js with "promise" npm package in Node.js
  • Update Mopidy's Mopidy.js docs
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