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Mopidy-M3U is an extension for reading and writing M3U playlists stored on disk. It is bundled with Mopidy and enabled by default.

This backend handles URIs starting with m3u:.

Editing playlists

There is a core playlist API in place for editing playlists. This is supported by a few Mopidy clients, but not through Mopidy's MPD server yet.

It is possible to edit playlists by editing the M3U files located in the :confval:`m3u/playlists_dir` directory by hand with a text editor. See Wikipedia for a short description of the quite simple M3U playlist format.

If you run Mopidy manually in a terminal, the playlists are usually found in :file:`~/.local/share/mopidy/m3u/`.

If you run Mopidy as a system service, the playlists are usually found in :file:`/var/lib/mopidy/m3u/`.


See :ref:`config` for general help on configuring Mopidy.

.. literalinclude:: ../../mopidy/m3u/ext.conf
    :language: ini

.. confval:: m3u/enabled

    If the M3U extension should be enabled or not.

.. confval:: m3u/playlists_dir

    Path to directory with M3U files. Unset by default, in which case the
    extension's data dir is used to store playlists.

.. confval:: m3u/base_dir

    Path to base directory for resolving relative paths in M3U files.
    If not set, relative paths are resolved based on the M3U file's

.. confval:: m3u/default_encoding

    Text encoding used for files with extension ``.m3u``.  Default is
    ``latin-1``. Note that files with extension ``.m3u8`` are always
    expected to be UTF-8 encoded.

.. confval:: m3u/default_extension

    The file extension for M3U playlists created using the core playlist
    API. Default is ``.m3u8``.