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Web extensions

Here you can find a list of external packages that extend Mopidy with additional web interfaces by implementing the :ref:`http-server-api`, which was added in Mopidy 0.19, and optionally using the :ref:`http-api`.

This list is moderated and updated on a regular basis. If you want your package to show up here, follow the :ref:`guide on creating extensions <extensiondev>`.


Web extension for browsing the Mopidy HTTP API.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-API-Explorer


Mopidy extension to automate music playback based on time of day.


This extension reacts to the events tracklist_changed, track_playback_ended, and track_playback_resumed to accomplish its goals. Other web extensions will not work as expected when this extension is installed.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Auto


A comprehensive and mobile-friendly client that presents your library and extensions in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Built using React and Redux. Made by James Barnsley.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Iris


Not a full-featured web client, but rather a local library and web extension which allows other web clients access to album art embedded in local media files.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Local-Images


A Mopidy web client with an Android Material design feel.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Material-Webclient


A Mopidy web client extension and hybrid mobile app, made with Ionic, AngularJS and Apache Cordova by Thomas Kemmer.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Mobile


A Mopidy web client made with AngularJS by Martijn Boland.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Moped


A web client that uses external web services to provide additional features and a more "complete" Spotify music experience. It's currently targeted at people using Spotify through Mopidy. Made by Dirk Groenen.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Mopify


The first web client for Mopidy, made with jQuery Mobile by Wouter van Wijk. Also the web client used for Wouter's popular Pi Musicbox image for Raspberry Pi.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient


Minimal web client designed for collaborative music management during parties.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Party


A minimalistic web client targeted for mobile devices. Made with jQuery and Bootstrap by Peter Odding.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Simple-Webclient


A web extension for changing settings. Used by the Pi MusicBox distribution for Raspberry Pi, but also usable for other projects.


Simple web client hosted online written in Ember.js and styled using basic Bootstrap by Wojciech Wnętrzak.


To use, just visit


A Mopidy web client built with Backbone by connrs.


To install, run:

pip install Mopidy-Jukepi

Other web clients

There are also some other web clients for Mopidy that use the :ref:`http-api` but are not installable using pip:

In addition, there are several web based MPD clients, which doesn't use the :ref:`ext-http` frontend at all, but connect to Mopidy through our :ref:`ext-mpd` frontend. For a list of those, see :ref:`mpd-web-clients`.