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HTTP clients
-Mopidy added an :ref:`http-frontend` in 0.10 which provides the building blocks
-needed for creating web clients for Mopidy with the help of a WebSocket and a
-JavaScript library provided by Mopidy.
+Mopidy added an :ref:`HTTP frontend <http-frontend>` in 0.10 which provides the
+building blocks needed for creating web clients for Mopidy with the help of a
+WebSocket and a JavaScript library provided by Mopidy.
This page will list any HTTP/web Mopidy clients. If you've created one, please
notify us so we can include your client on this page.
See :ref:`http-frontend` for details on how to build your own web client.
+.. image:: /_static/woutervanwijk-mopidy-webclient.png
+ :width: 410
+ :height: 511
+The first web client for Mopidy is still under development, but is already very
+usable. It targets both desktop and mobile browsers.
+To try it out, get a copy of
+and point the :attr:`mopidy.settings.HTTP_SERVER_STATIC_DIR` setting towards
+your copy of the web client.

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