Playback stops after ~60s for spotify tracks in EOT cleanup branch #300

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adamcik commented Dec 31, 2012

This is being actively worked on and discussed on IRC, most of the details are still there for now. c7656cd is the change that introduced this. To the best of knowledge the problem is due to an initial seek on the spotify session happening to early, which eventually causes [snd:160] Decode Error 11 that will prevent further buffer delivery, leading to playback failing about 20-30 seconds later.


adamcik commented Jan 1, 2013

Best temporary suggested work around is to ignore seeks to zero in the spotify backend just to get things back to a semi working state while we dig into this.


jodal commented Jan 2, 2013

If we hook into play() as well, we can have different behavior for first and second seek to 0 on the same track. It's ugly, but it should make everything work without negative side effects.

@adamcik adamcik added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 3, 2013

@adamcik adamcik Temporary workaround for #300
Likely cause of this issue is libspotify getting the intial seek to early. We
have not yet had time to dig beyond this point and develop has been broken for
to long due to this. As such this work aroundly simply ignores the first seek
to position zero outright, this avoiding what is likely a race condition in

Next step will be to create a minimal libspotify/pyspotify test case for this
to verify that assumption and hopefully figure out a correct fix. We also need
to look into if the intial seek can be avoided in gstreamer.

jodal commented Mar 20, 2013

Do we have a plan for solving this properly, or should we just live with our workaround? It seems to work nicely.

jodal added this to the v0.20 - Audio cleanup milestone Jun 22, 2014


jodal commented Jul 12, 2014

This is relevant for a branch that was never merged, for an extension that has been split out to its own repo, and we have a working workaround. Closing.

jodal closed this Jul 12, 2014

@jodal jodal added a commit to mopidy/mopidy-spotify that referenced this issue Sep 17, 2014

@jodal jodal playback: Ignore first seek to zero after play, ref mopidy/mopidy#300 6438704
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