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Playlists don't open using MPDroid 1.03.1 and Mopidy 0.11.1 #322

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DEBUG    2013-01-11 00:02:44,585 [7664:MpdSession-9] mopidy.frontends.mpd
  Request from [::ffff:]:36442: listplaylistinfo "Trixie\ Whitley"
DEBUG    2013-01-11 00:02:44,606 [7664:MpdSession-9] mopidy.frontends.mpd
  Response to [::ffff:]:36442: ACK [50@0] {listplaylistinfo} No such playlist
DEBUG    2013-01-11 00:02:59,809 [7664:MpdSession-9] mopidy.frontends.mpd
  Request from [::ffff:]:36442: close
DEBUG    2013-01-11 00:02:59,822 [7664:MpdSession-9] mopidy.frontends.mpd
  Response to [::ffff:]:36442: OK
DEBUG    2013-01-11 00:02:59,839 [7664:MpdSession-9] mopidy.utils.server
  Actor is shutting down.

After this MPDroid gives the message connecting to MPD-Server and it hangs forever. Restarting both mopidy and MPDroid is the only solution.

I did an additional test, playlists that do not contain a space work fine, so it is probably due to the escaping of the spaces?


@abarisain In #218 you said that clients depending on whitespace in quoted strings to be escaped should be fixed, but now it looks like MPDroid itself slash-escapes whitespace?


This is the same issue as was discussed in #218 and in abarisain/dmix#137. It seems to have been fixed with MPDroid 1.0.4. I cannot reproduce it with MPDroid 1.0.5.

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