Add lists of tracks to queue via a simple id #325

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For the speed of the webclient it would be nice to be able to add a list of tracks from an album, playlist, artist, search, etc by not resending all tracks back to the server, but only an id like spotify:album:12d834etcetc Mopidy can then add the tracks itself, which is a lot faster.

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I suggest the following solution:

  1. A frontend calls core.tracklist.add(uri='spotify:album:12d834etcetc')
  2. Core does a core.library.lookup('spotify:album:12d834etcetc')
  3. Core adds the tracks returned by lookup() to the tracklist.

With support for this, we should review the MPD frontend for lookup() + add() patterns which can use add(uri=...) directly instead.

@adamcik Any comments?

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