Fix outstanding TODOs from cleanups #106

adamcik opened this Issue Jun 25, 2013 · 1 comment

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Summary of the most relevant cleanup TODOs that are outstanding:

  • Remove casts in *_SP_* macros so compiler can type check "everything"
  • Make code py_size_t clean
  • Switch to a generic linked list for callback handling and/or switch to returning a callback id used for removing callbacks. Last known place we are leaking memory.
  • Fix NULL deference cases and other places like malloc where we should be checking for errors.
  • Add region country code sanity checks
  • Handle NULLs inside the loops that convert artists, tracks etc to python lists.
@jodal jodal added the enhancement label Apr 29, 2014
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Due to the imminent release of the 2.0 rewrite of pyspotify, this will probably never be done. Closing.

@jodal jodal closed this Jan 15, 2015
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