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MoPub Unity SDK

Thanks for taking a look at MoPub! We take pride in having an easy-to-use, flexible monetization solution that works across multiple platforms.

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To get started visit our Unity Engine Integration guide and find additional help documentation on our developer help site.

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New in This Version (5.4.1 - November 28, 2018)

  • The MoPub Unity Plugin now includes versions 5.4.1 of the MoPub Android SDK and the MoPub iOS SDK.
  • Fixed Unity 5.3 sample app crash when attempting to show MRAID rich media ads on Android 9 devices.
  • Fixed typo "Millenial" to "Millennial" in Rewarded Video.
  • Fixed SDK Manager version comparisons.
  • NOTE: The SDK Manager can not update to 5.4.1, so please update manually.

Please view the MoPub Unity SDK changelog, MoPub Android SDK changelog, and MoPub iOS SDK changelog for a complete list of additions, fixes, and enhancements across releases and platforms.

Upgrading to SDK 5.4

Starting in MoPub Unity Plugin 5.4, the SDK Manager (opened via the previously-beta MoPub menu) automatically detects if there are directories or files in the legacy plugin structure, and displays a “Migrate” button. NOTE: Performing the migration is optional as it simply organizes all MoPub code within the same directory, and doing it (or not) should not have any adverse effect.

for more details, see

Upgrading to SDK 5.0

Please see the Getting Started Guide for instructions on upgrading from SDK 4.X to SDK 5.0.

For GDPR-specific upgrading instructions, also see the GDPR Integration Guide.


The MoPub SDK License can be found at

Developing on the MoPub Unity Plugin

Cloning the project

git clone
git submodule init
git submodule update

Repository structure

  • mopub-android-sdk/ - Git submodule of the MoPub Android SDK
  • mopub-android-sdk-unity/ - Android wrapper, contains a project that adds Unity-specific files to the Android SDK
  • mopub-ios-sdk/ - Git submodule of the MoPub iOS SDK
  • mopub-ios-sdk-unity/ - iOS wrapper, contains a project that adds Unity-specific files to the iOS SDK
  • unity-sample-app/ - Contains MoPub Unity Plugin sample project
  • mopub-unity-plugin/ - Where the Unity packages are exported after running ./


Before you can build the plugin per the instructions below, you must do the following:

  • Place any third-party SDKs and dependencies in their corresponding directories, per README files in:
    • mopub-android-sdk-unity/libs/ - Android wrapper dependencies
    • unity/MoPubUnityPlugin/Assets/Plugins/Android/ - Android plugin dependencies
    • iOS loads dependencies at runtime, so there's no need to add them prior to building
  • Set up the Unity IDE:
    • Make sure you are logged in to your Unity account
    • Open the Unity Plugin project (under the unity/ directory), open Build Settings and Switch Platform to either Android or iOS
    • Close the Unity IDE

How do I build?

Simply run ./scripts/ (make sure the Unity IDE is not running), which runs git submodule update and then invokes the following scripts:

Each script can be invoked separately. Exporting the unity package can also be done manually, by opening the unity/ project in Unity, right-clicking the Assets/ folder and chosing Export Package....

How do I run the sample unity project and test?

After building per instructions above, open the unity/ project in Unity, click File > Build Settings..., select iOS or Android, click Build and Run.