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Java CI with Maven

Moquette Project

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Moquette aims to be a MQTT compliant broker. The broker supports QoS 0, QoS 1 and QoS 2.

Its designed to be evented, uses Netty for the protocol encoding and decoding part.


Freedomotic is an home automation framework and uses Moquette embedded to interface with MQTT by a specific plugin.

Moquette is also used into Atomize Spin a software solution for the logistic field.

Part of moquette are used into the Vertx MQTT module, into MQTT spy and into WSO2 Messge broker.

Try the demo instance

Point your browser to cloud instance, request an account then use it from your MQTT clients.

1 minute set up

Start play with it, download the self distribution tar from BinTray , the un untar and start the broker listening on 1883 port and enjoy!

tar xvf moquette-distribution-0.14.tar.gz
cd bin

Or if you are on Windows shell

 cd bin

Embedding in other projects

To embed Moquette in another maven project is sufficient to include a repository and declare the dependency:


Include dependency in your project:


Build from sources

After a git clone of the repository, cd into the cloned sources and: ./gradlew clean moquette-distribution:distMoquetteTar or ./gradlew clean moquette-distribution:distMoquetteZip.

In distribution/build directory will be produced the selfcontained file for the broker with all dependencies and a running script.