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Moqui Simple Screens 2.2.0

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@jonesde jonesde released this 31 May 19:11
· 19 commits to master since this release

Simple Screens 2.2.0 is a minor new feature and bug fix release.

While the majority of changes are to existing screens, there a few new
screens including:

  • CarrierShipmentMethods (config)
  • AssetStatusByReceipt (report)
  • MyAccount ScheduledFinds (config)
  • FindPhysicalInventory and EditPhysicalInventory (transactional)
  • EditTimeEntry (transactional dialog) used on PartyTimeEntries and other
  • QuickSearch (find) with combination of QuickLookup (by ID) and Search
  • ViewWikiPage (print friendly as opposed to edit friendly)

A few screens have been moved from HiveMind, including:

  • PartyProjects, PartyTasks, and PartyRequests
  • EditRateAmounts (config, work rates for worker and client)
  • Project: FindProject, ProjectSummary, EditProject, EditMilestones,
    EditUsers, EditWikiPages, MilestoneSummary, ProjectTimeEntries,
  • Request: EditTasks, EditUsers
  • Task: FindTask, TaskSummary, EditTask, EditRelated, EditRequests,
    EditTimeEntries, EditUsers, EditWikiPages

Some screens were refactored and split out to better handle large orders
and shipments:

  • OrderDetail: OrderItems screen with EditItem dialog (transactional)
  • ShipmentDetail: ShipmentItems, ShipmentPackages
  • PackShipment: PackSummary, PackItems, PackPackages

There are various other minor changes and fixes in this release. For a
complete list of changes see: