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Mantle Business Artifacts - Universal Data Model Release Notes
Release 2.0.0 - 22 Oct 2017
Mantle Universal Data Model 2.0.0 is a minor feature and bug fix
release. This release is based on Moqui Framework 2.1.0.
New Features
- Significant improvements to default chart of accounts and GL account
classes for summary reports and a wider variety of operations
- Lots of tuning and small additions to support new and improved
functionality in mantle-usl and SimpleScreens, mostly related to procure
to pay and order to cash processes plus significantly improved accounting
- Much better audit log settings based on real world needs
- Employee entity with various fields moved from Employment or represented
in both for a default and override pattern
Release 1.1.0 - 24 Nov 2016
Mantle Universal Data Model 1.1.0 is a minor new feature release. This
release is based on Moqui Framework 2.0.0.
The changes in this release are generally minor refinements and cleanups
plus improvements for agreements, work types, employment, and budgets and
expense management.
Non Backward Compatible Changes
- Agreement fromPartyId, fromRoleTypeId, toPartyId, toRoleTypeId fields
replaced with organization and other (instead of from/to); the Agreement
entities are not generally used, but any existing data/code would
need to be moved/updated
- Changed FacilityContent, RequestContent, ProductCategoryContent,
and ProductConfigItemContent to use a single PK field like other content
entities; these entities are not currently used in services, etc but if
used in custom code the code and existing data will need to be updated
- EmplPosition.exemptFlag replaced by taxExemptEnumId and taxFormId
New Features
- Set many entities to cache=never to avoid overhead of caching where
read/write ratio doesn't justify it or where cache could cause issues
- Agreement and Term improvements
- Refined TermType enums
- Parties on Agreement are now organization and other instead of from/to
- Added AgreementTerm termText and termNumber fields
- New Settlement types for day of current or next month
- Added Enumeration type WorkType and workTypeEnumId to RateAmount,
TimeEntry, WorkEffortParty, and replaced emplPositionClassId on
WorkEffort work workTypeEnumId; this is useful for defining work types
separate from position classes for a generally cleaner model and to
better represent how position classes can have many work types
- Employment Tax Settings
- Added Employment.taxFormId to override EmplPosition.taxFormId
- Added PayrollAdjustmentExempt entity to configure exemptions based on
- Added InvoiceItemDetail to allocate expenses to Assets, Facilities, etc
- Expanded Budget and related entities to handle common budgeting scenarios
such as a budget that parallels GL expense accounts and budgets for
Assets and Facilities, and for budgets with a longer time period such as
a year with sub-periods such as months within the year
Release 1.0.1 - 26 Mar 2016
Mantle Universal Data Model 1.0.1 is a minor new feature release.
This release is based on Moqui Framework 1.6.2.
There are only minor changes in this release, including: changes for
updates in moqui-framework, seed and demo data improvements for project
management (used in HiveMind, etc), using new install data file type
(something between seed and demo), some new fields, etc.
Release 1.0.0 - 24 Jan 2016
Mantle Universal Data Model 1.0.0 is the first release as a component
repository separate from the other components in Mantle Business Artifacts.
This release is based on Moqui Framework 1.6.1.
The initial code is from Mantle 1.2.0 and has only minor changes but has
updates for the new Moqui Framework component management features.